Monday, 13 May 2013

MARKTPLAATS voor "Guusje Nederhorst stichting"

Today we had a different working day, we were invited to do the styling of 4 children's rooms.....

the 'white room'

the 'colorful room'

color and animals (not finished yet)

the 'retro room'

There will be a pop-up shop for 1 week from this thursday on, at the 'Spuistraat 281' in Amsterdam. The furniture is all second hand, bought from 'marktplaats' (a local very popular selling site, something like E-bay) redecorated. People can come to the shop, choose what they would like to have and bid, the objects will be sold to the person that offers the most. The money will then go to charity , the 'Guusje Nederhorst foundation'. We were delighted to use the products of our shop and style the rooms for this purpose!!
Check also this video or

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