Friday, 30 August 2013

Petit favorite

A dear friend brought me this cushion of Petit Pan because he knows how much i love the patterns of their fabric, Thanks!!
I'm so happy...since a few months there is a new Petit Pan shop in Antwerp.
That is only 60 min from my home;-)

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Summer diy activities

There are always moments during or after the holidays, when it rains or when it is to hot.
Just look around you, get inspired by nature , and use the materials that are there.
you will see that children are all great in creating beautiful art works with simple materials.
Above are only some suggestions, please try your one!!

1. all that is left on the beach (natural stuff!)
2. painted wood
3. make bracelets for new or old friends
4. let the children wright (and drwa) each day of the holiday

1. use carton plates and some rope
2. used bottles to create your own fish
3. look for stones to paint on, also nice for any other games, like memory or so