Thursday, 30 May 2013

Paal 12 Texel

This weekend we were on a family weekend on the beautiful island of Texel .
After a long walk on the beach we ended up at "paal 12" ...
This refreshing beach bar offers you no endless lounge sofas or tight Phillip Starck design.
Here you will find good and honest food ( the best BLTC sandwich ever!) a glass of cold wine and exceptional friendly service...So if you are going to is worth to pay a visit..!!

(And also: do not forget to visit beach shop 'twaalf" across the beach bar)

Monday, 27 May 2013

April Shower by Polder....

Today i want to share another french brand with you, Polder.
The designers are two dutch sisters that grew up in the polders of Holland. For studies they moved to Paris where they also started their brand Polder, a handbag collection completed by a line of jewelry, knitwear, shoes, clothing and socks for adults.
In 2008 they presented their first kids collection "april showers", WOW!!
I love everything they make, the fabrics for the bedding, the crochet details, the french design in the shoes and the color combinations are stunning to me!!

Monday, 20 May 2013

Beatrice Alemagna...

Last week when I checked my Pinterest I found something interesting.
I saw a photo of my girls room, with a new wall decor on it!
Surprised! Because no one had asked my permission of using the photo.
I found out that is was the illustrator Beatrice who is a painter and writer of many books and also makes drawings for labels, like Djeco!
So I see it as a big compliment that SHE used our girls room as  a decor for her beautiful cat!
After contacting her, she putted our name underneath the picture, and apologized to us because she really felt sorry for not knowing where the picture came from! We are happy to be on her blog.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

In the mailbox today...

We receive a lot of mail with news via computer, but doesn't it work better to receive real mail sometimes?
For me it works..this cam in today. New items from Casual Fridays Paper!!

These new prints and colors make me so happy, and give a lot of new inspiration, thank you Jordan.

We made an order so it will soon be available in our shop.
Right now we already sell her first designs, also lovely in combination with the new papers.

Monday, 13 May 2013

MARKTPLAATS voor "Guusje Nederhorst stichting"

Today we had a different working day, we were invited to do the styling of 4 children's rooms.....

the 'white room'

the 'colorful room'

color and animals (not finished yet)

the 'retro room'

There will be a pop-up shop for 1 week from this thursday on, at the 'Spuistraat 281' in Amsterdam. The furniture is all second hand, bought from 'marktplaats' (a local very popular selling site, something like E-bay) redecorated. People can come to the shop, choose what they would like to have and bid, the objects will be sold to the person that offers the most. The money will then go to charity , the 'Guusje Nederhorst foundation'. We were delighted to use the products of our shop and style the rooms for this purpose!!
Check also this video or

Wednesday, 8 May 2013


In 2010 i saw this window of Petit Bateau in France,
i really liked the idea of stamping your own shirts and loved the texts...
Petit Bateau is my favorite for baby's and ever since there is a baby born i make one as a gift!