Saturday, 27 April 2013


The Netherlands is a little country,but with 'big' designers!!
Today i would like to introduce some of them, who i really admire.

These beds are designed by Agata and Arek, the two creators behind Rafa-kids, who are also great architects, husband and wife and parenting their two children. They have created also a toddlers bed and a bunk bed and i think the design is stunning, simple, useful and beautiful to watch!
with the design you save up a lot of space and you can arrange them in many different ways, just how you like it. The beds can be bought together or separately.
Kids will love to sleep and play in it!! 

This desk is designed by Kellie Smits, owner of the brand Buisjes en Beugels (which means tubulars and braces). its called INSEKT desk in size for children and in a bigger size for adults.
Kellie started designing kids fashion collections, which were a great success and after she launched her own web shop she still felt the desire to do more with product designing.
And as all of her projects she succeeded very well, she is a person to admire for me.

And then of course there is a great designer called Piet Hein Eek, who makes lots of Furniture for adults, but to me also one of the most beautiful baby beds in wonderful pastel colors.
He works with tough and rough materials,uses reclaimed materials and makes simple and practical designs. He is well known for his scrap wood furniture (like the baby chair and bed). Many years ago he started with left over materials from other projects and carefully arranged individual pieces together to make one of a kind furniture. Brilliant!
The materials of the above beds are sheet material, and therefor its called "crisis"!
In this series you find a cradle, a toddler bed, a changing table and a wardrobe.

To be continued, there is so much more to show and tell....

Friday, 19 April 2013

Wooden toys..

Today is about toys for the little ones, wooden toys made with love.They are all designed and hand made in Europe.
We love them for their simple design, the bright colors, the way they are unique and because they are made in small businesses. The people behind the product are dedicated to their work, and it shows!
Hope you like them to, they are all for sale in our shop.

This ones are made in spain by Zoomaderita...
Puzzle monkey, fox, rabbit and snake fit together like one.
For the children easy to color, paint or write on the surface!

These puzzles are made by George luck from England.
Each one has 5 pieces, animals which have to be layered from small to big animal.
Not only fun to play, but also good to learn about animals, sizes and colors.
And of course beautiful to watch!

Last but not least our wooden rattles and play toys.
Do i need to say more, i think they are so well designed and i really like the use of this blank wood.
The one on the right have little bells inside, with a nice sound (for the parents;-)
Made in Germany by Fam. Schaaf.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Yesterday... was the first really sunny day! My boy was so happy he could finally put on his shorts.
and my daughter thought she could immediately wear her summer dress.

Friday, 12 April 2013


Today we went to see the pop-up shop run by two ladies here in Utrecht...
They sell the fantastic children's brand Emile et Ida.
And look at the surrounding, it's in a beautiful old building.
Today and tomorrow at LAB Industrie , Burgemeester Reigerstraat, Utrecht.

It's real french, i love the subtle color palette and use of neutrals.
And then the little details that make the clothing far from plain...
The moustache motif for the boys is absolutely fun !!

Monday, 8 April 2013


Later on i found this inspiration board by Mercredi...
Let this be inspiration for everybody, who wants it to be summer already!


Last week i found this great label, with clothes for children age 6 months to 8 years....
I really fell in love with the style, the use of fabrics and colors are stunning!

Mercredi, is a children's fashion label designed by two French ladies, Charlotte and Violaine.
They are passionate stylists and opt for simplicity and quality.
For the clothes they use refined materials, like fine cotton, soft linen and wool.
And use the English Liberty fabric.All with happy colors but still in trend.
They call the style 'bobo chic' , clothes to wear every day but also for the great days...
Wednesday is primarily kids day!!   (mercredi means wednesday in french)