Friday, 19 April 2013

Wooden toys..

Today is about toys for the little ones, wooden toys made with love.They are all designed and hand made in Europe.
We love them for their simple design, the bright colors, the way they are unique and because they are made in small businesses. The people behind the product are dedicated to their work, and it shows!
Hope you like them to, they are all for sale in our shop.

This ones are made in spain by Zoomaderita...
Puzzle monkey, fox, rabbit and snake fit together like one.
For the children easy to color, paint or write on the surface!

These puzzles are made by George luck from England.
Each one has 5 pieces, animals which have to be layered from small to big animal.
Not only fun to play, but also good to learn about animals, sizes and colors.
And of course beautiful to watch!

Last but not least our wooden rattles and play toys.
Do i need to say more, i think they are so well designed and i really like the use of this blank wood.
The one on the right have little bells inside, with a nice sound (for the parents;-)
Made in Germany by Fam. Schaaf.

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